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What's On

The St Albans Common is a precious sanctuary for sustainable stock grazing in a natural environment cared for by the Trust and dedicated Commoners. The Trust oversees the care of the stock and the land and invites others to share in the work and its positive displays in ways detailed below.

St Albans Common Muster

The St Albans Common musters are a quarterly event. The Common Herdsmen supervise the muster and make sure that all involved understand how to handle stock.
muster ready.jpg
work bee 2016 4.jpg

St Albans Common Working Bee

Working Bees are regularly held throughout the year. Seasonal conditions set the list of jobs. Generally weed control and pasture improvement, maintenance
of the yards and cattle equipment is a focus.

The Working Bees are a great event for Commoners to learn about the Common and share in keeping it in good working condition.

St Albans Common Dinner

The St Albans Common dinner has become a much anticipated event on the Common.  The celebration dinner for the "Save the Common" campaign was a star event!
dinner 2021.jpg
22279522_173568586538098_6900153110322299651_n (1).jpg

St Albans Common Fishing Comp

The fishing comp has been a regular event.

As well as being a great fun event the Comp preserves the good health of the Common lake.
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