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Wellbeing of Flora & Fauna

The Trust adheres to the view that the best pasture has a range of diverse species. In line with the primary purpose of the Grant, any weeds poisonous to stock are eradicated on an ongoing basis.

Preservation and conservation of wildlife habitat on the Common is approached holistically. It ties in with stock health, soil fertility and the retention of a diverse range of vegetation and plant species against a background of the cyclical and real risk of flood and fire.


The health of the land is tied to wildlife habitat. The Common under the terms of its Grant exists to provide stock grazing lands for Commoners. The Trust manages the grazing lands to set up patterns of sustainability with a focus on pasture and water management, maintenance of biodiversity, soil and waste management and an overall priority of stock welfare.

This holistic approach adopted enhances the health of the land and allows wildlife to find safe habitat. Underpinning this management plan are the routine holding of musters and working bees. The safety of the Common herdsmen and stock is balanced against natural habitats with a regard for risk minimisation requiring hazard reduction of foreseeable dangers.

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